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 Is My Shop Shelving Compatible?

Is My Shop Shelving Compatible?

We are often asked by new customers how to tell if our shelving systems and components will be compatible with their existing shop shelving. Retailers often how no idea which particular brand of shelving they have in store. Many shops are sold with fixtures and fittings and can often house multiple shelving systems and so the quickest way of '"what shelving brand do you have?" is often met with a short, inconclusive answer. Often the only way to check for sure, if you can't see a manufacturers' logo stamped on any of the shelf brackets, is to measure the 'pitch' of the shelving. The most popular and durable pitch of shelving across the UK, Ireland & Europe is 50mm. Over the years we have supplied shop shelving systems from various manufacturers, but we have always stuck to the generic 50mm pitch - safe in the knowledge that not only is this the most reliable system, but also that we will be able to re-supply repeat customers for decades to come with additional shelving bays and compatible components and accessories.

To check that your existing shop shelving is the generic 50mm pitch simply measure the distance between the lowest point of two consecutive H slots
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35% Discount Off All Shop Shelving Orders Over 500

35% Discount Off All Shop Shelving Orders Over £500

We are currentlly offering a 35% discount off all shop shelving orders over £500 excluding delivery & vat. The discount applies to our whole range of shop shelving including wall bays, PETG wall bays, gondola bays and also all standard shop shelving components.

All you have to do to receive the discount is to order more than £500 worth of applicable items through the website.

Our minimum spend for shop shelving orders is £100 ex vat & delivery.

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