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Sam4S Giant-100 Thermal Printer (USB & Wi-Fi)

Sam4S Giant-100 Thermal Printer (USB & Wi-Fi)

Sam4S GIANT-100 Thermal Printer

GIANT-100 is the new 3" thermal receipt printer. Distinctive in its very small size, the GIANT-100 is as small or smaller than 2" Printers. Nevertheless it performs equal to or better than competing 3"printers. GIANT-100 is a signpost model, pointing the direction to which receipt printers will evolve in the future. Standard with USB and WiFi.


Standard with USB and WiFi.
High Print Speed at 220mm/Second.
Up to 80mm Wide Receipt.
Support a Variety of Barcodes Including QR Codes.
Wall Mount Option with Display Pivot.
Low Power Consumption & Paper Saving.
Tool Free Cabinet for Easy Assembly & Disassembly.
Optional Kitchen Bell Feature.
Stores/Prints User Defined Graphic Logos, Coupons or Advertising Messages.
Energy Star Certified Superior Efficiency Reduces Energy Costs and Carbon Footprint.

Price: 199.95 (Ex VAT at 20%)

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