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Safescan HD-4141S Heavy Duty Cash Drawer

Safescan HD-4141S  Heavy Duty Cash Drawer

Safescan HD-4141S Heavy Duty Cash Drawer

TOP-OF-THE-LINE STRENGTH AND DURABILITY FOR HIGH-VOLUME ENVIRONMENTS Like all the products in our HD series, the 4141S cash drawer is made of tough, rugged materials. Its thick-gauge steel casing and shatterproof PVC tray with sturdy metal hold-downs are designed to withstand constant operation: perfect for high-traffic retail venues such as restaurants, bars and petrol stations.

TESTED TO LAST AT LEAST 2 MILLION CYCLES This heavy-duty cash drawer is ideal for use in high volume retail environments, bars, restaurants and petrol stations. Featuring a metal casing, an extra solid telescopic sliding mechanism with ball bearings and a strong pvc drawer tray with metal banknote clips, the Safescan HD-4141S has been tested to last for at least 2 million open/close cycles.

ADJUSTABLE 4-NOTE, 8-COIN LAYOUT AND MEDIA SLOT Adjustable banknote dividers let you customise the HD-4141S for exactly the notes you want to store, and 8 adjustable coin cups keep all your small change and tokens neatly sorted in one convenient place. (Want to store more notes in the till? The optional 4141T2 cash tray has room for 6 banknotes.) A large media slot provides plenty of room to store coupons, credit-card slips and other non-cash transaction media.

MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY, MAXIMUM SECURITY The HD-4141S is equipped with a sturdy 3-position, 4-function lock and an industry-standard RJ12 outlet to maximise ease of use without compromising security. Set the drawer to open automatically via your cash register or printer, or open it manually; lock it in the closed position (if you have to step away) or open position (when empty, to deter robbers). RJ12 cable included for easy integration into your existing POS system.

FULL RANGE OF ACCESSORIES Use the sturdy 4141B mounting brackets to securely install your HD-4141S under your POS counter; add a spare 4141T1 cash tray and 4141L lockable lid to maximise speed and security during shift changes. You can even switch to the 4141T2 tray if you’d like to store 6 notes instead of 4. (Note the 4141L lid only fits on the 4141T1.)

USE WITH THE SAFESCAN 6185 FOR RAPID CASH COUNTING Simply lift the whole tray out of the SD-4141S and use the feature-packed 6185 money scale to count all its contents, from coins to coupons, in just a handful of minutes. And if you’re using the optional 4141CC removable coin cups, you’ll be finished even faster: just place each cup of coins right on the 6185 and weigh—no calibration required. From start to finish in under two minutes: there’s no faster way to count your till.


Price: 129.90 (Ex VAT at 20%)

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