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Safescan 4141T1 Cash Drawer Tray

Safescan 4141T1 Cash Drawer Tray

Safescan 4141T1 cash drawer tray for Safescan SD-4141 & Safescan HD-4141S

SPEED UP SHIFT CHANGES AND CASH COUNTING Buy a spare 4141T1 cash tray and save time on both ends of a shift change. Simply lift the whole 4141T1 out of the cash drawer and slip in the new one, pre-stocked with the desired coins and banknotes to start a new shift. Take the old one to your secure area for easy counting, then prepare it for the next shift and lock it in your safe. Voilà! Shift changes couldn’t be more efficient.

ADJUSTABLE 4-NOTE, 8-COIN LAYOUT AND MEDIA SLOT Adjustable banknote dividers let you customise the 4141T1 tray for exactly the notes you want to store, and 8 adjustable coin cups keep all your small change and tokens neatly sorted in one convenient place. A large media slot provides plenty of room to store coupons, credit-card slips and other non-cash transaction media.

USE WITH SAFESCAN 4141L FOR MAXIMUM SECURITY Protect the cash inside your 4141T1 tray during shift changes and while stored in your safe. Simply slide the sturdy steel 4141L lid on and secure the robust lock with the key. Combined with the 4141T1’s shatterproof PVC construction, the 4141L makes it all but impossible for robbers to access your cash.


Price: 59.95 (Ex VAT at 20%)

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