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Retail Till System

SPS-2200 Touch Screen Shop Till Programmed From Just 995

SPS-2200 Touch Screen Shop Till Programmed From Just £995

SPS-2200 touch screen till terminal - ideal for shops, kiosks, boutiques, ahrdware stores, any retailer requiring an easy to use, sensibly priced scanning touch screen cash register system.

The SPS-2200 is a modular till system, which means that you only pay for the parts you require. You can build your till system using the drop down tabs below. The programming charge depends on how many products you need us to program in for you. Please note that the Sam4S SPS-2200 is a Sam4S authorised dealer only machine - we strongly recommend having us fully program the touch screen for you rather than trying to do it yourself. There are two main reasons for this: 1) you won't be able to program it and 2) its difficult to provide support on touch screens we haven't set up ourselves!

Price: 995.00 (Ex VAT at 20%)

SPS-2200 Warranty Period Required:
SPS-2200 Customer Rear Display Options:
SPS-2200 Cash Drawer & Receipt Printer Options:
SPS-2200 Kitchen Printer Options:
SPS-2200 Dallas Key Reader / Clerk Sign On Options:
SPS-2200 Programming Options (1st 200 Products Included Free)
SPS-2200 Programming Back Up Options:
SPS-2200 Barcode Scanner

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