80mm Deep Upright

80mm Deep Upright

Shop shelving uprights or columns are required at either end of a shelving bay. However, if you have a run of shelving bays then the back panels and base legs from adjoining bays can both connnect to one upright meaning that if you have a run of 2 bays for example you only require 3 uprights. Shop shelving uprights come in a variety of heights, from 121cm to 301cm. Shop shelving uprights are also available in three different profile sizes. The standard profile size is 6cm deep x 3cm wide - suitable for the smaller independent retailer. Also available is 8cm deep x 3cm wide - ideal for medium sized retailers or stores using heavy duty shelving brackets. Also available is the upright profile 11cm deep x 3cm wide - the 11cm deep upright is the strongest in our range - mainly used for heavy duty wall and gondola configurations where the ability to carry greater product weight is crucial. If your are ordering columns to add to existing shelving units please ensure you order the correct profile.

Shop Shelving Bay End Runs - All shelving bays shown on the website come without an end run. An end run is the upright and base leg needed to stablilise the unit. Only one end run is required for every run of shop shelving you order. For example, if you order 20 bays that are part of one complete run only one end run is required. Likewise if you order 1 standalone bay you will also need to order 1 end run. In short, the quantity of end runs required is dependent on the number of shelving runs as opposed to the number of bays.

Shop Shelving Discount - 35% discount applied to all shop shelving orders totalling £100 or more (excluding delivery & VAT). Discount will automatically applied in the shopping cart. Orders can be mixed across our shop shelving range. Discount is only applicable for online orders. All items ordered under the 35% discount offer are non-returnable. Discount is not applicable to the carriage price.

Shop Shelving Minimum Order Value - A minimum order value of £50.00 excluding vat and delivery is applied to all orders for shop shelving. Orders placed via our website will only be processed if the ex vat value of the shelving items exceeds £50.00. In circumstances where the order is less than £50.00 excluding vat and delivery we will email a proforma invoice adding a minimum order charge for your approval.

Shop Shelving Delivery - Please note that all shop shelving delivery services provided by Shopstuff are out sourced to transport companies. The cost charged to you covers the net cost of the transport and packaging materials. Any claims for damages must be reported to Shopstuff within 24 hours of receipt of goods. All customers and third party recipients are required to sign for deliveries as 'unchecked' or 'damaged', failure to do so will jeopardise any subsequent claim. Currently, we are unable to offer the 'Text Message Alert Of Delivery Slot' service on shelving orders - please choose the standard delivery option when checking out.

Shop Shelving Dimmensions - When measuring up for shop shelving bays allow an extra 3cm per shelving bay or per shelving run for width. So for example, a 100cm shop shelving bay will actually take up 103cm. This is because the 100cm back panel is attached to the middle of the columns. Each column at either end of the shop shelving unit or shop shelving run extends as extra 1.5cm, making 3 cm in total. For calculating height, please allow for the adjustable base leg feet. For calculating shelving unit depths please add 6cm to the base leg depth to allow for the upright (when using 60/30 uprights).

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