Casio SE-S400 Till Rolls 1 Box (20 Rolls) 12.95

Casio SE-S400 Till Rolls 1 Box (20 Rolls) £12.95

Casio SE-S400 thermal till roll paper.

Each box contains 20 rolls of high quality top coated 57x57mm thermal till roll paper manufactured in the UK.

Usual selling price is £12.95 per box of 20.

As a thank you for choosing Shopstuff to order your cash register we are offering the Casio SE-S400 till rolls at just £8.33 a box if you order 3 boxes. So 60 till rolls works out to a total of £24.99 or 42p per roll. There is no extra delivery charge either - it's a genuine offer for shopstuff cash register customers.

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