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Cash Register Thermal Till Rolls 57x57mm 3 for £30 Offer

Our 57 x 57mm top coated thermal British made till rolls are suitable for the following cash registers -

Casio - TE-M80, TE-100, TE-2000, TE-2200, TE-2400, SE-G1, SE-S10, SE-S100, SE-S300, SE-S400, SE-C300, SE-C450, SE-S2000, SE-S3000, SE-C2000, SE-C3500.
Elite - CR202
Olivetti - ECR-7700
Sam4S/Samsung - ER-180T, ER-180US, ER-260, ER-380, ER-390, ER-5200, ER-5215, ER-5240, NR-510R, NR-510F, NR-520R, ER-650, SER-7000, SER-7040.

Your cash register not listed? Please contact us as we stock the full range of till & PDQ rolls. All of our rolls are manufactured to the highest quality here in the UK. We supply till rolls to some of the UK's largest and well known retailers so you can rest assured regards the quality of our till rolls.

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