Peg Gondola Bay 50cm

Peg Gondola Bay 50cm

What Do The Drop Down Choices Mean?

Unit Height - This is the height of the upright, column or post that we will supply with your shop shelving unit. The height you select includes the upright and all necessary plain back panels for you to build your shop shelving bay. When choosing the height of your shop shelving bay please allow an additional 1-3cms clearance as the base leg feet are adjustable in order to account for uneven floor surfaces. All uprights supplied with our design your own shop shelving bays are 50mm pitch with 60/30mm profile - ideal for standard retail. Please contact us directly should you require customised shop shelving bays with 80/30 or 110/30 profile uprights. If you also order an end run or end leg for your shop shelving bay this will be supplied at the correct height.

Base Depth - This is the depth of the base leg and base shelf supplied with either side of the gondola unit. The base shelves locate into the base legs securing the base of the shop shelving bay. As gondola's are double sided you need to select the base depth for each side of the bay. When calculating the total depth of the gondola bay please allow for the 6cm upright depth. For example, if you select a base depth of 47cm on each side then the total depth of the shelving bay will be 100cm (2 x 47cm base legs & 6cm upright). Likewise if you select a base depth of 37cm on each side the total depth of the unit will be 80cm.

Shelves 1 - 5 Front & Rear - Our double sided gondola shop shelving bays are completely customisable - you can choose as many shelves as you like for either side of your gondola bay and they can be any of the following depths: 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 37cm, 47cm & 57cm. Each shelf you add will be supplied with a pair of 2-hook brackets allowing for shelves to be angled or positioned flat. The shelves can be positioned at any point on the upright and can be easily to removed and re-positioned - giving you complete flexibility.

End Run - All shelving bays are quoted without an 'end run' (or 'end leg'). An end run is the upright and two base legs required to stabilise the shop shelving gondola bay. Only one end run is required per 'run' of shelving. So, for example, if you have a single run of 20 shelving bays you will only need 1 end run. However, should you order 2 shelving bays to be spread over 2 seperate runs you will need 2 end runs. If you order an end run we will supply in the same height and depth as your customised shop shelving bay.

Shop Shelving Discount - 35% discount applied to all shop shelving orders totaling £500 or more (excluding delivery & VAT). Discount will be automatically applied in the shopping cart. Orders can be mixed across our shop shelving range. Discount is only applicable for online orders. All items ordered under the 35% discount offer are non-returnable. Discount is not applicable to the carriage price.

Shop Shelving Minimum Order Value - A minimum order value of £100.00 excluding vat and delivery is applied to all orders for shop shelving. Orders placed via our website will only be processed if the ex vat value of the shelving items exceeds £100.00. In circumstances where the order is less than £100.00 excluding vat and delivery we will email a proforma invoice adding a minimum order charge for your approval.

Shop Shelving Delivery - Please allow 2-5 working days for all shop shelving orders. If you require a specific delivery date please contact us directly. Please note that all shop shelving delivery services provided by Shopstuff are out sourced to transport companies. The cost charged to you covers the net cost of the transport and packaging materials. Any claims for damages must be reported to Shopstuff within 24 hours of receipt of goods. All customers and third party recipients are required to sign for deliveries as 'unchecked' or 'damaged', failure to do so will jeopardise any subsequent claim.

Shop Shelving Dimensions - When measuring up for shop shelving bays allow an extra 3cm per shelving bay or per shelving run for width. So, for example, a 100cm shop shelving bay will take up 103cm. This is because the 100cm back panel is attached to the middle of the columns. Each column at either end of the shop shelving unit or shop shelving run extends as extra 1.5cm, making 3 cm in total. For calculating height, please allow for the adjustable base leg feet. For calculating shelving unit depths please add 6cm to the base leg depth to allow for the upright (when using 60/30 uprights).

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