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Volumatic Count Easy TS


Quickly counts daily takings
Up to 6 times faster than hand counting
Built-in carry handle
Counts up to 200 separate tills
Mains or battery operation
12 hour battery
Touchscreen controls
Intuitive to use
Less mistakes, less complexity
Comes with 3 years warranty from the manufacturer
External Dimensions: 140 x 155 x 225mm (HxWxD)
Volumatic Counteasy Demonstration video:


The CountEasy TS from Volumatic improves on the standard CountEasy through the addition of an intuitive touchscreen interface. On-screen graphics and controls provide clear feedback and make it easy to perform a variety of different counts. Very little operator training is required, while the graphical icons allow a multi-cultural workforce to operate the scales with ease.

Counting with the CountEasy TS is up to 6 times faster than counting by hand. This reduces the time it takes to change shifts or close shop, not just because of speed but because of accuracy too. Mistakes and miscounts are eliminated, as are time-consuming recounts.

The CountEasy can be operated off the mains or off a 12 hour rechargeable battery. This battery is designed to fully recharge in approximately 3 hours. Thanks to its lightweight design and compact footprint, the CountEasy is also very portable, perfect if it needs to be quickly brought from one till location to another within a store.

An optional printer is also available that can quickly provide a printout showing count details. Small and compact, this printer is designed to sit beside the CountEasy without taking up valuable counter space. It uses thermal printing technology, so there is never any need to replace ink or toner.

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