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New UK Count Easy

What's in the box...

CountEasy unit
Flexicup for easy coin handling
Extendable hod for counting large quantities of notes
Rechargeable batteries and mains lead


Counts loose and bagged coins
Counts loose, banded and sleeved notes
Checks bank bundled notes
Fully portable, operate on mains or with supplied rechargeable battery
Multi-currency - B o E Sterling & Scottish
Simple and easy to use straight from the box
Preprogrammed automatic counting sequences for ease & speed
Auto-add & scroll functionality lets you count a full till drawer in 60 seconds
Uk manufacturer helpdesk, support & warranty

New Changes for 2015 in detail:

Device will operate on the default 'Bank of England' currency in exactly the same way as previous version.

- Single Scottish paper notes can be placed onto the hod within a mix of Bank of England paper notes and will be counted accurately

- For higher volumes of Scottish notes, this will need to be placed onto the hod in slices of no larger than five at a time

- '£5 mix' will be removed - this means that paper Bank of England £5 notes can now be placed onto the hod ('£5') in slices of 20 notes

- The old Houblot £50 (£50*) will be removed

- The £5* (Bank of England / Clydesdale £5 polymer), £10* (£10 polymer) and £1* coin (new £1 coin) will be configured to the correct weights but disabled on the devices. This means that nearer the time your staff will be sent instructions on how to enter the set up and 'enable' the new denominations. Note: the Bank of England £5 polymer and Clydesdale £5 polymer are within the same tolerance and can be weighed together on the £5*

- Depending on the requirements, there will be the option to activate the GBP (Scot) currency. This operates in the same way as the 'GBP - Bank of England' currency but limits the slice size to 5 notes (any more and an error will appear on the screen asking to remove some). This is to assist the users and stop them placing large slices of mixed Scottish notes onto the hod together, which count miscount.

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