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Under Counter Safe Black SS103


Depth 240mm (including push down handle)
Width 103mm
Height 226mm (including fixing plate)

Please note all measurements are approximate.

We are often asked about the maximum note capacity of the under counter safes.

In our tests we could easily store approximately 100-120 bank notes in one of the SS102 under counter safes. With the units designed mainly for temporary storage of £20 notes to minimise the temptation of over the counter cash grabs, the feedback form our customers is that 100 notes is more than enough storage as they wouldn't necessarily want £2,000 sitting in the drop boxes for a long period of time.

The slot boxes work with 5 notes at a time being placed in the slot, then when the lever is pushed down and released the notes are stored away and the drop box is then ready for more notes to be added.

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