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CS209 Coin Sorter 2019 Edition

The CS209 coin sorter is a medium duty coin sorter, counter & batcher, designed for use with the standard 8 UK sterling coin denominations only. The CS209 coin sorter is not capable of processing any foreign, damaged, commemorative or old UK coins.

The CS209 coin sorter comes as standard with a 12 month fair usage warranty, full details of the standard warranty offered can be found by downloading the Coin Sorter Essential Information Document. This document also shows the full specification to assist you in working out if this coin sorter is suitable for your requirements.

The recommended maximum use over a 12 month period on the CS209 is 300,000 coins, which averages out at about 25,000 coins per month. These coin sorters are sold with 'fair usage' warranties. So if a machine ordered with a 12 month warranty was returned after 3 months. It would be expected to have a total count of no greater than 75,000 coins. Likewise, a machine returned after two weeks would not be warranteed if the coin count was greater than 12,500 coins. If you are not sure which coin sorter best suits your needs please contact us prior to purchase and we would be happy to advise.

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