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Volumatic FC10

Volumatic FC10

The FC 10 is unique in its design with its short edge note feed, which makes it compact in size. This low cost unit can count mixed bundles of multiple denominations at speeds of up to 250 notes per minute. What’s more it can identify forgeries and clearly display accurate count data, broken down by both value and denomination. The FC 10 can handle several different currency sets and can be programmed to match your exact needs.

The FC 10 is a portable value note counter that has passed the Bank of England’s framework test for banknote machines. The framework tests all known forgeries in circulation and can be used to support the Local Recycling Code of Conduct for self-fill ATMs, self-checkouts.


Value counter
BoE approved
250 notes per minute
Counterfeit note detection
Displays count total - value & denomination

Price: 349.00 (Ex VAT at 20%)

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