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Volumatic FC200

Volumatic FC200

The FC 200 is a compact, high performance 2-pocket Friction Note Counter. The second pocket allows operators to perform multiple cash processing activities at high speed and with minimum interruptions. This advanced unit can count mixed bundles of multiple denominations at speeds of up to 1500 notes per minute. What’s more it can display accurate count data, broken down by both value and denomination. The FC 200 can recognise up to 10 different currencies, with enhanced counterfeit detection.

The FC 200 is an intelligent and reliable value counter that has passed the Bank of England’s framework test for banknote machines. The framework tests all known forgeries in circulation and can be used to support the Local Recycling Code of Conduct for self-fill ATMs, self checkouts and parking meters. The FC 200 is a future proof machine which is capable of handling polymer notes and can be updated easily via USB. The FC 200 is supported by Volumatic’s industry-leading customer support service, which includes unlimited helpdesk access and our speedy and efficient box swap package.


Double pocket note counter & sorter
Mixed note value counting (denomination)
Software updates for new denominations
Counts 1,500 notes per minute
Counts all Polymer notes
Forgery detection systems
Bank of England approved

Price: 2,995.00 (Ex VAT at 20%)

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