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Volumatic Counter Cache Classic

Volumatic Counter Cache Classic

We have secured a limited number of counter cache classics at a special price from the manufacturer enabling us to offer the counter caches at £149.00 whilst current stocks last.

The Classic variant of the Volumatic Counter Cache has a removable internal plastic cassette. Once inserted into the Counter Cache, the plastic cassette provides temporary storage for the bank notes. The cassette can then be securely transported to wherever the takings are counted.

The Volumatic Counter Cache Classic is secured both by the two key system, in addition to this the internal cassette can only be removed using a specialist keyplate, which in turn seals the contents.

For additional security the internal plastic counter cache casette can be fitted with tamper evident security seals.

***WAS £169.95***
***NOW ONLY £149***

Price: 149.00 (Ex VAT at 20%)

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