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Volumatic Count Easy Upgrade To Polymer Notes

Volumatic Count Easy Polymer Note Upgrade

Polymer notes are fast approaching. The first polymer notes will enter into UK circulation in September 2016.

Shopstuff have been working closely with the manufacturer and the Bank of England to help facilitate a smooth changeover. Please find link below for the modified instructions which will enable all versions of the CountEasy to be updated to count Polymer notes and the new £1 coin. Depending on the age of your machine some of the note and coin weights will need attention; therefore this is a good opportunity to ensure your machine is set up correctly on ALL note and coin denominations.

We offer 3 services to assist in updating your CountEasy to handle these changes:

1. Customer update: Attached are step by step instructions to update your CountEasy for current UK currency, Polymer notes and the new £1 coin, so you or your staff can make these changes at an appropriate time.

2. Basic Service: Shopstuff Volumatic will update the CountEasy for you, providing the latest software in the machine. This will ensure reliable counting on all UK Currency, Polymer notes and the new £1 coin.

Price: £99 per machine (excluding collection and delivery)

3. Full Service/Box Swap: This involves your CountEasy being ‘Box swapped’ for a ‘Polymer ready’ support stock model. Your CountEasy will be replaced with a completely refurbished unit. The box swap unit will be supplied with a full new 12 month warranty.

Price for CountEasy: £199 per box swap (excluding collection & delivery)

We are expecting an influx of demand for these services so please plan ahead to ensure your equipment is updated in time.

The new £5 polymer note will be in circulation as of 13th September 2016 and the new £1 in March 2017.

For more information on the Polymer Banknotes here.

Count Easy Polymer Note Update

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