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Shop Shelving End Run 37cm - Cream

Shop Shelving End Run 37cm - Cream

End run or end leg for 211cm shop shelving wall bay. 1 end run is required for each run of shelving you have. Shop shelving End Run includes:

1 x 211/60/30cm column upright

1 x 37cm base leg

Supplied in cream RAL9001

Shop Shelving Bay End Runs - All shelving bays shown on the website come without an end run. An end run is the upright and base leg needed to stablilise the unit. Only one end run is required for every run of shop shelving you order. For example, if you order 20 bays that are part of one complete run only one end run is required. Likewise if you order 1 standalone bay you will also need to order 1 end run. In short, the quantity of end runs required is dependent on the number of shelving runs as opposed to the number of bays.

We are currently offering a 35% discount off all orders of shop shelving over £500 (ex vat & delivery). Our minimum spend for shop shelving orders is £100 ex vat & delivery.

Price: 41.81 (Ex VAT at 20%)

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