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Sam4S Ellix-40 White Thermal Printer (Serial / USB)

Sam4S Ellix-40 White Thermal Printer (Serial / USB)

Sam4S Ellix 40 High Performance Thermal Printer

The innovative Sam4S Ellix 40 has a unique LCD display, which shows error messages, operator messages and guides you through the use set up without the use of any dip switch settings.

With its elegant design and powerful features, the Sam4S Ellix 40 is ideal for demanding receipt or kitchen printing.


LCD display (as illustrated)
Engergy Star Certified
Fast print speed - 270mm second
Drop & printer printer loading
Anti-Jam guillotine auto cutter technology with full or partial cut
Store up to 255 graphic images
Aluminium main frame insures durability
Wall mountable
24V cash drawer port
Power supply & serial cable included

Price: 199.95 (Ex VAT at 20%)

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