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Sam4S Giant-100 Thermal Printer (Serial / USB & Ethernet)

Sam4S Giant-100 Thermal Printer (Serial / USB & Ethernet)

Sam4S GIANT-100 Thermal Printer

GIANT-100 is the new 3" thermal receipt printer. Distinctive in its very small size, the GIANT-100 is as small or smaller than 2" Printers. Nevertheless it performs equal to or better than competing 3"printers. GIANT-100 is a signpost model, pointing the direction to which receipt printers will evolve in the future. Standard with USB, Serial and Ethernet.


Standard with USB, Serial and Ethernet with WiFi Option.
Triple Interface Serial, USB and Ethernet as Standard.
High Print Speed at 220mm/Second.
Up to 80mm Wide Receipt.
Support a Variety of Barcodes Including QR Codes.
Wall Mount Option with Display Pivot.
Low Power Consumption & Paper Saving.
Tool Free Cabinet for Easy Assembly & Disassembly.
Optional Kitchen Bell Feature.
Stores/Prints User Defined Graphic Logos, Coupons or Advertising Messages.
Energy Star Certified Superior Efficiency Reduces Energy Costs and Carbon Footprint.

Price: 169.95 (Ex VAT at 20%)

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