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Sam4S ER-230 / ER230M 7.0 Volt PSU

Sam4S ER-230 / ER230M 7.0 Volt PSU

Sam4S ER-230M 7.0 Volt PSU

Please note that this power supply is only suitable for the Sam4S ER-230M cash register and will not work with the BEJ series ER-230BEJ cash register, which takes a 9 volt PSU depending its age.

If you are ordering a PSU to replace a damaged one, please check the voltage on the power supply you are replacing to ensure you order the correct power supply as the M series ER-230 cash register will take a different voltage PSU depending on its age. This listing is for the 7 volt version.

Price: 59.95 (Ex VAT at 20%)

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