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Safescan 6155 Cash Counter *Free Upgrade To The Safescan 6165*

Safescan 6155 Cash Counter *Free Upgrade To The Safescan 6165*

Latest version software - ready for the new Polymer £5 bank note and the new £1 coin!

SafeScan 6155 aimed at the price conscious customer - counts UK sterling & Euro coins, can also count small quantities of notes.

Safescan 6155 is a budget priced, entry level cash counter requiring periodic re-calibration as you use it. For the price the Safescan 6155 is excellent value. However, if you have previously used a Volumatic or Tellermate then you may prefer the features and quality of the UK manufactured , which is our recommended cash counter for daily use.


Mains use only as standard (optional 9V battery not included)
Coin scoop and power supply included
Counts UK Sterling, Euros & Swiss Francs
Printer port for use with Safescan thermal printer
Supplied with 1 years manufacturers warranty (can be upgraded to 3 years).
Please note that all warranty / support claims are dealt with by Safescan

Price: 149.95 (Ex VAT at 20%)

Safescan 6155 Brochure

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