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Safescan 4100 POS Safe White

Safescan 4100 POS Safe White

Safescan 4100 POS Safe White

STORE HIGH-VALUE BANKNOTES WHERE ROBBERS CAN’T FIND THEM It takes just minutes to mount the 4100 under your POS counter using the enclosed screws, close to your register yet out of sight. Cashiers will appreciate the convenience; you’ll appreciate the added protection against theft—a small investment that may save you a lot of money in the long run.

EASY, JAM-FREE OPERATION FOR 300 BANKNOTES Simply drop the note into the slot, press the handle, and voilà: the note is neatly added to the existing stack inside the 4100. At the end of the day, just unlock the safe and remove it, then unlock the internal cassette and remove your neatly stacked high-value notes.

DUAL-LOCK, DOUBLE-STEEL SECURITY The Safescan 4100 is designed for maximum banknote security right at your POS counter. It takes two unique double-bearded keys to get through two distinct layers of solid hardened steel. The first key lets you remove the steel safe from its mounting; now you can access the steel interior compartment—which requires a second key to open. No electronics, no plastic parts: just super-strong steel and industrial-grade locks.


Price: 68.90 (Ex VAT at 20%)

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