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Safescan 2665-S

Safescan 2665-S

Safescan 2665-S banknote counter. Fast, reliable note counter with large horizontal feed hopper, 7 levels of counterfeit banknote identification and mixed note value counting of Euro banknotes.


Manual or auto start
Add & batch functions
Counts sorted notes of all currencies
Counts sorted/unsorted EUR/CHF/PLN/SEK/NOK/DKK notes
Batch feature allows operator to preset exact quantity of notes required
7-point counterfeit detection, UV, MG, size, infrared, MT, thickness and color
Euro counterfeit identification (IR, MG, MT, Watermark, size, thickness)
Also counts/checks BoE £, US$, Polish Zloty, Swedish/Norwegian krone
Adjustable speed of upto 1,500 notes per minute
Large horizontal feed hopper (300 note capacity)
Note stacker capacity 220 notes
Value counting & counterfeit id for mixed Euro banknotes
Detection can be turned off making the Safescan 2665 a piece counter which handles pre-checked bank notes, vouchers, coupons or tickets.

Price: 699.00 (Ex VAT at 20%)

Safescan 2665-S Brochure Download

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