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Safescan 2660-S

Safescan 2660-S

Safescan 2660-S banknote counter. Fast, reliable banknote counter with large horizontal feed hopper & six levels of counterfeit banknote identification that meets the strictest guidelines set by the ECB.


Manual or auto start
Add & batch functions
Batch feature allows operator to preset exact quantity of notes required
Euro counterfeit identification (UV, MG, MT, IR, Watermark, size, thickness)
Also counts/checks GBP, USD, CHF, PLN, CZK, HUF, SEK, NOK, DKK
Adjustable speed of upto 1,500 notes per minute
Large horizontal feed hopper (500 note capacity)
Note stacker capacity 250 notes

Price: 449.00 (Ex VAT at 20%)

Safescan 2660-S Brochure Download

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