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Safescan 185-S Counterfeit Detector

Safescan 185-S Counterfeit Detector

SAFESCAN 185-S COUNTERFEIT DETECTOR - DETECT COUNTERFEIT BANKNOTES IN ANY DIRECTION The Safescan 185-S is our most advanced counterfeit detector yet. Equipped with the latest technology, this device takes only a fraction of a second to scan currencies for seven crucial security features, no matter which way you insert them. The convenient banknote feeder guide ensures USD banknotes are always fed into the detector correctly

TOP-OF-THE-LINE COUNTERFEIT DETECTION The Safescan 185-S uses the latest counterfeit detection technology to check for seven advanced security features built into today’s currencies: infrared ink, magnetic ink, metallic thread, color, size, thickness and watermark. The technology inside the 185-S is so reliable it will also detect double bills, half bills and even the superdollar, the most sophisticated counterfeit banknote ever created. Its proven 100% accuracy will eliminate any doubts about whether the bill you’re holding is genuine or counterfeit.

GUARANTEED 100% RELIABLE The 185-S is regularly put through rigorous testing by major central banks around the world, using their latest test decks of both genuine and counterfeit bills. Time and time again, the 185-S passes these tests with flying colors by reliably identifying both counterfeit and authentic bills with proven 100% accuracy.

EASY TO USE AND LIGHTNING-FAST The 185-S has an intuitive control panel and a large, crisp display. Three clearly labelled buttons provide easy access to all its features. The spacious LCD screen tells you exactly what you need to know: currency type, denomination, and number of bills authenticated. If you’ve turned on the ADD function, it will also tell you the total value of bills counted. And since it takes less than half a second to verify each bill, you’ll have your answer before the customer can even blink.

SMALL AND STYLISH We designed the 185-S with countertop use in mind. Its compact size takes up a minimum of space beside your register, and its sleek look—available in duotone gray or black—complements every business interior. The 185-S’s top-quality materials and elegant design subtly tell customers you’re using the best in counterfeit detection.

ALWAYS UP TO DATE Central banks are constantly updating their banknotes to incorporate the newest security features and make it even harder for counterfeiters to succeed. Our dedicated currency management team notifies you whenever there’s an update for your 185-S; all you have to do is install it using the USB port or MicroSD slot on the back of the device.

PORTABLE Taking your business on the road? The 185-S’s compact size and optionally available LB-105 rechargeable battery allow you to verify bills wherever you go. With up to 30 hours of mobile use, you can accept cash payments anywhere with confidence.

ENSURE CONTINUED TOP PERFORMANCE To maintain the best possible performance and make sure counterfeit banknotes stay out of your business, regular cleaning of your counterfeit detector is a must. The longer and more frequently banknotes are circulated, the more dust and dirt they contain. This grime can impair the operation of your counterfeit detector’s integrated sensors and roller system. By regularly using Safescan’s counterfeit detector cleaning cards, you keep your detector’s internal parts clean, and you can continue to reliably check banknotes’ authenticity.


Price: 175.00 (Ex VAT at 20%)

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