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Under Counter Safe White SS-110-T

Under Counter Safe White SS-110-T

SS110-T Heavy Duty Under Counter PoS Safe - New for 2017 - Replaces the discontinued TSR110.

Under counter money safe, which can be floor mounted . Simple drop safe design with loackable metal cassette ideal for the safe storage of notes at the till point.

SS110-T can be floor mounted
Features secure, lockable inner metal cassette
30 notes at a time can be securely loaded
Supplied with 2 locks & 2 sets of keys
1st lock opens the front panel revealing the internal metal cassette
2nd lock opens the secure internal metal cassette
Inner casette has own carry handle & secure lock
Designed to prevent note 'fishing'
Designed in the UK
Exclusive to Shopstuff & Shopstuff agents

Much heavier (6.4kg) than standard POS safes on the market
Only POS safe with lockable internal metal cassette

Price: 129.95 (Ex VAT at 20%)

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