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Pop Up Shop Tills

Pop Up Shop Tills

Pop-up shops or concessions tend to require a small, smart looking cash register capable of printing professional receipts. Finding a cash register with a small footprint can be an issue as the major manufacturers tend to concentrate putting the best features into high-end (expensive!) touch screen systems, or the traditional bulky all in one cash registers. We do have a couple of options for retailers running seasonal pop-up shops running short of counter space.

The base model in our list is the Casio SE-G1, which fits the bill in terms of size, but it is a light duty cash register low on high end functions.

We can also offer the next Casio cash register up - the SE-S100 - which admittedly does have a full size base, but is proving popular with concessions, seasonal traders and pop-up shops due to the stylish design, colour options and features included SD card back up and personalised receipt.

The best model in this range is the brand new for Summer 2016 mains or battery powwered ER-230EJ from Sam4S (the new name for Samsung cash registers). As well of the option of running from battery power (useful if you are low on power points) the ER-230EJ is also available with a choice of cash drawers.

The cash registers below are selected based on their size - should you have a specific requirement for your store please contact us directly to discuss your cash register system.

Casio SE-G1 Cash Register

Casio SE-G1 Cash Register

Casio SE-G1 electronic cash register is the lowest priced cash register in the UK
The SE-G1 is available in a choice of 5 colours (black, pink, red, white & blue) and is equipped with a lot of features for such a budget priced cash register:


8 sales buttons (up to 24 departments using shift) & 999 PLU's
Fast, silent thermal receipt printer
Receipt header can be programmed with Your Shop Name On Receipt
Small foot print 33cm wide x 34.5cm deep x 17cm high

Please note that this is a very basic, light duty cash register. The printer cannot be switched off so you should allow extra funds for all the till rolls you will use. You can choose to use in either receipt or journal mode, but the printer will always print. Make sure to order plenty of till rolls - check out our amazing till roll deals before you hit the add to cart button!

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Casio SE-S100 Cash Register

Casio SE-S100 Cash Register

Casio SE-S100 was released in the UK in 2015 and comes in a choice of 4 colours


Fast silent thermal receipt printer
Receipt header can be programmed with upto 5 lines of text for your shop name / details
If you don't need a receipt with every sale it can be swicthed off & issued on request
12 customisable sale department buttons (upto 24 with shift), 2,000 PLU's
Detailed sales report and basic periodic reporting function
SD card slot allows for program & sales data to be backed up to SD card
Large cash drawer (8 coin & 4 note sections)
Secure key lock ensures manager control
Discount/Surcharge Button, Refund Mode, Single Item Sale
Dimmensions: 410 (W) x 450 (D) x 180 (H) mm
Choice of 4 vibrant colours to match your store decor

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Sam4S ER-230EJ Cash Register

Sam4S ER-230EJ Cash Register

SAM4S ER-230EJ is a portable cash register which is battery or mains powered.


Battery or mains operation
Long battery life
Multi-line alpha-numeric customer display
Thermal printer with programmable header message & graphic logo
12 sales departments with programmable text
6000 PLU's with programmable text
Optional cash drawer - small drawer (3 note/4 coin) larger drawer (4 note/8 coin)
Compatible with Sam4S Expresso program/report software

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