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Peg Wall Bay 66.5cm

Peg Wall Bay 66.5cm

Unit Height - (More Info)

Base Leg & Shelf Depth - (More Info)

Shelf & Brackets 1 - (More Info)

Shelf & Brackets 2 - (More Info)

End Run - (More Info)

Colour - (More Info)

Price: 74.95 (Ex VAT at 20%)

Peg Wall Bay 66.5cm Description

Customisable modular retail shop shelving peg wall bay 665mm wide.

Easy to assemble and adjust, our shelving bays run from edge-to-edge, providing you with more merchandising space.

All our shelving bays are 50mm pitch with universal measurements across the range - ideal if you are adding to existing runs of shop shelving.

The width of the bay is fixed, but you can customise every other element including the height (from 1m - 3m), the base depth (from 30cm - 67cm), the colour (cream or silver) and you have complete flexibility over the number and size of shelves you order. Shelf depths available are: 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 37cm, 47cm & 57cm and the price displayed includes the required shelf brackets.

Our peg wall bays feature a plain panel at the very base of the unit. The height of this panel will depend on the height of the overall unit. So for example if you select a height of 181cm we will supply 4 x 40cm peg board back panels and a 10cm plain panel. The overall height of the bay will be 181cms, the base leg takes up 11cm leaving 170cm to be covered by the 4 x 40cm peg panels and 10cm plain. Likewise, if you select a height of 211cm, we will supply 4 x 40cm peg panels & 1 x 40cm plain panel with the base leg taking up the remainder of the height.

Each bay you order includes one end run or end leg, one additional end run will be required for each run of shelving. For example, 1 run of 6 wall bays will require 1 end run as would 1 standalone wall bay. Please note that our image shows a wall bay with end run.

We are currently offering a 35% discount off all orders of shop shelving over £500 (ex vat & delivery). Our minimum spend for shop shelving orders is £100 ex vat & delivery.

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