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PETG 15 Tier Card Racking Bay 100cm

PETG 15 Tier Card Racking Bay 100cm

15 tier card display unit - our most popular card shelving bay. Can be used as a low wall unit (141cm high), as a double sided gondola or, depending on the width of your existing gondola shelving you can order this card bay with back back on the reverse as a stylish gondola end unit.

Universal card metal brackets to suit all major shelving systems - if you already have existing 50mm pitch shelving bays you can order the PETG shelves and our universal brackets below to suit your exact store layout.

15 tier card display comprises:

1 x 141cm upright
1 x 37cm base leg
1 x 37cm base shelf
2 x 50cm plain back panels
1 x 30cm plain back panel
1 x 15 tier silver card bracket pair
15 x PETG card display shelves

Image shows our shop shelving 15 tier card display bay complete with end run and plinth - these are not included as standard so please don't forget to order your end run and plinth if required.

PETG shelving bays are supplied in Silver as standard with clear PETG display shelves. Bays are also available in cream on request

Price: 379.95 (Ex VAT at 20%)

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