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Fast Food

Fast Food

Fast FoodFast FoodFast FoodFast Food

Q-go Fast Food Order Collection System - The customer waits for there order to be made and is called forward when read for collection.


System supplied with a Control unit, 1 metre HDMI cable and 1 x USB keyboard.

Up to 3 additional USB keyboards can be added or optional Bluetooth keyboards supplied
Bright, bold clear number display with a choice of screen size from 22" to 65"
Backed up by audible 'Order Number X Ready' voice
Up to four customer monitors displaying the next order number.
System completely customisable to suit your requirements - contact us for details
Installation & site survey service also available
Upto 6 previous orders also displayed on screen

View product video demonstration ➤

Price from: 279.00 (Ex VAT at 20%)

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