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Night Club Tills

Night Club or Music Venue Tills

When choosing a cash register or till system for your night club or live music venue you need to consider the number of drinks you are offering, the number of staff using the system at any one time and also if the system adds to the look and feel of your establishment. You want service to be as quick as possible - nothing puts punters off more than waiting to get served because the staff can't use the tills properly or find the Cinzano & Lemonade button on the till system.

Touch screens are the best solution to this - drinks can be split into clear, concise departments for fast entry and service.

The touch screen cash registers have bright displays for the staff, whilst the sleek design lends itself perfectly to the night club look.

Please contact us directly for more information about which night club till system would best suit your venue, night club or bar.

Sam4S SPS-2200 Cash Register

Sam4S SPS-2200 Cash Register

Sam4s SPS-2200 touch screen cash register.

Perfect for serving food and drink as the touch screen can be set with windows for each product area, each window can then contain 40 or 60 preset products, so a total of 400 or 600 products depending on your exact EPoS requirements.


Completely modular system saves on space
Optional thermal receipt printer & cash drawer
Cash saving bundle deals including programming available
Choice of operator log on methods
10 windows/screens for your different products
40/60 preset products per window
Detailed sales report and periodic report functions
Touch screen system improves professional appearance
Preset products cuts down on queues and errors

Our touch screens are completely customisable so can be programmed to suit the exact requirements of your event.

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