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Count Easy Money Counter Euro Version

Count Easy Money Counter Euro Version

Count Easy has established itself as the most reliable count by weight machine available and is our preferred cash counter for reconcilling your till drawer takings, this Euro version is ready for use in Ireland & on the continent.


Counts loose and bagged coins
Counts loose, banded and sleeved notes
Checks bank bundled notes
Fully portable, operate with mains or battery
Multi-currency - Euro's
Simple and easy to use straight from the box
Preprogrammed automatic counting sequences for ease & speed
Helpdesk support & warranty compares favourably against the competition
Auto-add & scroll functionality lets you count a full till drawer in 60 seconds
Multiple languages - select your preference from the drop down box below

Omal Count Easy Demonstration video:

Price: 299.00 (Ex VAT at 20%)

Omal Count Easy Brochure

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