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Laurel X8

Laurel X8

Laurel X8 is the replacement for the market leading X7. The Laurel X8 banknote counter & sorter - heavy duty, professional quality, high level authentification for all UK sterling and Euro.


Small footprint - ideal for busy cash centre office
Polymer ready - new £5 & £10 polymer notes can be handled
Can handle both paper and polymer notes together.
Professional note transport - belts are utilised as in all large, high-speed banknote sorter.
Optimum note fitness - can handle all qualities of banknotes
Traffic light system - for ease of use and simple operation

Based on the UK's best selling X7, the X8 has expanded capabilities and the following additional features -

Left & right operator mode - with separate count integrity
Self cleaning sesnors to maintain accuracy
Even simple user interface
Colour Universal Design, allowing any person to percieve the display information
Polymer friendly feeder
Ready for all issues of English, Scottish, Northern Irish & Euro banknotes
Multi-Currency System - The X8 is prepared for GBP £ Sterling, other currencies including $, € and all Scottish £ available on request
CIS - operates in optical and IR spectrum - Double sided (front & rear of note) CIS assemblies enables the CIS to not only recognise a note but also to authenticate it for the presence of correct IR pattern.
Dual UV detection - Enables the X8 to look at 2 areas of a note substrate for authentication purposes.
STC (security thread code) - The X8 has a full width STC sensor that is necessary to handle English notes (all denominations) in any face and orientation (longer than the only 53mm STC sensor required to handle the Euro
CF detection - The X8 can be programmed to stop and/or sound a buzzer on a suspect note detection.
Vertically Located Sensors- meaning that dust does not settle on the sensors - improving detection efficiently & prolonging interval between cleaning.

Laurel X8 can be customised with a range of options depending on your requirements and the currency being counted. Please call to discuss your requirements.


Price: 2,650.00 (Ex VAT at 20%)

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