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Hornet Barcode Scanner

Hornet Barcode Scanner

Hornet barcode scanner pre-configured to work with your cash register (please select your cash register model from the drop down list below).

The Hornet is a multi beam, omni- directional, fast, professional automatic barcode scanner. Please note if you are comparing our prices that most barcode scanners will not work 'out of the box' with cash registers as standard. Barcode scanners are available with different cables and different program configurations. When you select your model below we make sure that your scanner will be supplied with the correct cabling and correct program configuiration so that it does 'work out the box' with your cash register.

Price includes -

- Omni directional automatic scanner
- Model specific barcode scanner cable
- Model specific barcode scanner configuration
- Model specific barcode EAN quick set up guide
- 12 months warranty on scanner body

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