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Glory Ntegra

Glory Ntegra

The Ntegra Plus and Ntegra Pro are part of a new range of banknote sorting solutions, from Glory Global Solutions, offering enhanced detection capabilities, increased memory and processing capability, dual user operation and additional connectivity options.


High end note counter / note sorter system with all the basics plus:
Dual pocket for sorting reject notes
Optional fitness sorting
Dual-user operation for greater flexibility
Advanced counerfeit note detection including -
Enhanced visible CIS technology (dual CIS on Ntegra Pro)
Improved high-resolution IR
Enhanced soil/stain/graffiti detection
USB (Host), LAN, OSD & SD card connectivity for reporting & analysis
Significantly increased system memory enables storage of a larger quantity of statistical data
A newly designed note transport path improves note handling and means fewer note jams
The addition of the new Ntegra Pro, with the capability of taking additional reflective images of the banknote, significantly improves image detection on poorer quality banknotes

Ntegra can be customised to suit your exact counting requirments - please call to discuss.

Price: 5,999.95 (Ex VAT at 20%)

Ntegra Series Brochure Download

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