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Glory GFS100

Glory GFS100

Glory GFS100 is a dual pocket bank note counter and bank note sorter. Second pocket can be used to sort the notes or reject poor quality, damaged and forged notes.


Manual or Auto Start
Customer set batch count facility
Add feature allowing for consecutive cumulative counts
Counts 1,800 notes per min
Counts all Polymer bank notes
Size detection
Dual pocket
Noise & dust proof shutter
Dual operator mode
Easy access design for clearing jams
12 months onsite warranty
Various Counting modes: Value counting for Bank of England Sterling; Authentication; Denomination; Facing & oreintation
Glory's pioneering CIS note scanning technology

The Glory GFS100 is only suitable for Bank of England Sterling banknotes, for Euro's and US$'s please view the Glory GFS-120 Bank Note Counter.

GFS100 Series Brochure Download


Price: 2,295.00 (Ex VAT at 20%)

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