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Glory EV8660

Glory EV8660

EV8660 banknote counter is the latest edition to the Glory EV86 Series. It's full width high-definition IR detection system provides a level of authentication unmatched by other note counters in this class.


Unmatched IR authentication - a new level of note counter performance
Counting efficiency: accurate counting for large volumes of currency
Ultra feed - with the most efficient bank note feed system on the market
Mechanical Double Detection - "Right First Time" count accuracy, every time
HDIR Technology™– full width authentication system designed to authenticate notes by checking a combination of features
Mixed denomination valuing - counting mixed denomination banknotes in a single pass with total value provided at the end

EV8660 can be customised to suit your exact counting requirments - please call to discuss.

Price: 4,999.95 (Ex VAT at 20%)

EV8600 Series Brochure Download

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