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Glory EV8650SDUV MTD

Glory EV8650SDUV MTD

The Glory EV8650SDUV MTD is the top note counter in the popular EV-8650 range of note counters. The EV8650SDUVMTD offers full mixed note value counting alongside counterfeit note detection systems - ideal for users who require a highly accurate and efficient solution for processing medium to high volumes of currency or where high levels of banknote authentication and maximum machine flexibility are key.


Manual or Auto Start
Customer set batch count facility
Add feature allowing for consecutive cumulative counts
Counts 2,000 notes per min
Counts all Polymer bank notes
Unique Glory UltraFeed™ system
Size detection - detecting the wrong note appearing in a count.
UV counterfeit note identification
Mixed note value counting

Price: 1,550.00 (Ex VAT at 20%)

EV8600 Series Brochure Download

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