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Credit Card Machine Quotation

Credit Card Machine Quotation

If you are a new independent small business you'll need a credit card machine to accept card payments at your premises.

Working directly with a leading credit card services provider we can offer you incredible deals on both credit card machines and crucially the associated processing charges.
Our credit card machine service includes -

✅ Easy Install
✅ Superfast Setup
✅ 24/7 UK-Based Support
✅ Regular Performance Reports
✅ Best rates in the market

Where as some people charge up to 2.5% we guarantee to be below 1%. So if you were processing £3,000 via 100 transactions through the terminal we would be looking to quote total processing fees of £8.59 per week.

If you would like us to provide you with a tailor-made quotation for your business please add this free product to your order.


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