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Casio SE-S100-MD-SR

Casio SE-S100-SR From Just 119.95

Casio SE-S100-SR From Just £119.95

Watch A Video Demo Of The SE-S100 Here

As a cash register dealer with employed staff, we are able to exclusively offer a full set up and programming service or a simple box ship to suit your own budget or programming experience!!

**** Platinum Service £179.95 (Click for more info) Everything supplied with Gold Service + personalised key caps printed & fitted, 3 year warranty.

*** Gold Service £149.95 (Click for more info) Brand new cash register, 24/7 support, dedicated phone support, PDI test, customised programming.

** Silver Service £129.95 (Click for more info) Brand new cash register, 24/7 support, dedicated phone support.

* Bronze Service £119.95 (Click for more info) Brand new cash register, 24/7 support.

Select your preferred service level below - (Our Service Levels Explained)

**** Casio SE-S100 On Our Platinum Service £179.95 + Vat

*** Casio SE-S100 On Our Gold Service £149.95 + Vat

** Casio SE-S100 On Our Silver Service £129.95 + Vat

* Casio SE-S100 On Our Bronze Service £119.95 + Vat

ProductNameCasio SE-S100 Till Rolls 1 Box (20 Rolls) £12.95

ProductNameCasio SE-S100 Till Rolls 3 Boxes (60 Rolls) For Just £30.00

ProductNameCasio SE-S100 Wetcover Save £5 only £10.00 - (Why should I buy a wetcover?)

ProductNameCasio SE-S100 Data Card Only £10 - (Why should I buy a Data Card?)

ProductNameCaiso SE-S100 Extra Cash Drawer Insert £39.95 - (Why should I buy a Spare Insert?)

ProductNameCasio Extra Keys £19.95 - (Why should I buy spare keys?)

ProductNameMemory Protection Batteries £1.95 - (Why should I buy batteries)

ProductNameSurge Protector £9.95 - (Why should I buy a surge protector?)

ProductNameLD7 - Polymer note checker £49.95 - (Why should I buy a LD7?)

ProductNameForged Note Detector Pen £1.95 - (Why should I buy a note checker?)

ProductNameThermal Print Head Cleaning Pen £1.95 - (Why should I buy a print head cleaner?)

ProductNamePDQ Paper Rolls *3 Boxes For £15*

Casio SE-S100 Cash Register Information


Casio SE-S100 with 12 customisable sale department buttons (upto 24 with shift), 2,000 PLU's
Your Shop Name On Till Receipt, Thermal receipt printer can be switched off & receipt printed on request,
Daily sales report, SD card functionality allowing for program and sales data to be backed up to a SD card
Large cash drawer (8 coin & 4 note sections), Secure key lock ensures manager control
Discount/Surcharge Button, Refund Mode, Single Item Sale, Low battery indicator
Dimmensions: 410 (W) x 450 (D) x 180 (H) mm

Casio SE-S100 Brochure Download | Casio SE-S100 Manual Download | Casio SE-S100 Set Up Sheet

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