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Casio SE-G1 Blue

Casio SE-G1-BU From Just 99.99

Casio SE-G1-BU From Just £99.99

Watch A Video Demo Of The SE-G1 Here

As a cash register dealer with employed staff, we are able to exclusively offer a full set up and programming service or a simple box ship to suit your own budget or programming experience!!

*** Gold Service £129.99 (Click for more info) Brand new cash register, 24/7 support, dedicated phone support, PDI test, customised programming.

** Silver Service £109.99 (Click for more info) Brand new cash register, 24/7 support, dedicated phone support.

* Bronze Service £99.99 (Click for more info) Brand new cash register, 24/7 support.

Select your preferred service level below - (Our Service Levels Explained)

*** Casio SE-G1-BU on Gold Service £129.99 + Vat

** Casio SE-G1-BU on Silver Service £109.99 + Vat

* Casio SE-G1-BU on Bronze Service £99.99 + Vat

ProductNameCasio SE-G1 Till Rolls 1 Box (20 Rolls) £12.95

ProductNameCasio SE-G1 Till Rolls 3 Boxes (60 Rolls) For Just £30

ProductNameCasio SE-G1 Wetcover Save £5 only £10.00 - (Why should I buy a wetcover?)

ProductNameMemory Protection Batteries £1.95 - (Why should I buy batteries)

ProductNameCasio Extra Keys £19.95 - (Why should I buy spare keys?)

ProductNameSurge Protector £9.95 - (Why should I buy a surge protector?)

ProductNameLD7 - Polymer note checker £49.95 - (Why should I buy a LD7?)

ProductNameForged Note Detector Pen £1.95 - (Why should I buy a note checker?)

ProductNameThermal Print Head Cleaning Pen £1.95 - (Why should I buy a print head cleaner?)

ProductNamePDQ Paper Rolls *3 Boxes For £15*

Casio SE-G1-BU Cash Register Information

Casio SE-G1 is Casio's entry level cash register - very popular due to it being the cheapest cash register with your shop name on receipt.


Casio SE-G1 electronic cash register has 8 sales buttons (up to 24 departments using shift) & 999 PLU's
Cheapest cash register with Your Shop Name On Receipt
Small foot print 33cm wide x 34.5cm deep x 17cm high
Fixed rear LCD customer display, Department text is fixed, LCD User Display

Please note that this is a very basic, light duty cash register. The printer cannot be switched off so you should allow extra funds for all the till rolls you will use. You can choose to use in either receipt or journal mode, but the printer will always print. Make sure to order plenty of till rolls - check out our amazing till roll deals before you hit the add to cart button! Casio SE-G1 also only has a small cash drawer. If you need a full size drawer or a printer that can be switched off please view the Casio SE-S10, the Casio SE-S100, or the Casio SE-S400. The SE-S100 is the latest model for 2015 with 12 programmable departments and SD card compatibility.

Casio SE-G1 Brochure Download | Casio SE-G1 Manual Download | Casio SE-G1 Set Up Sheet

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