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Casio SE-C3500

Casio SE-C3500
Casio SE-C3500Casio SE-C3500Casio SE-C3500Casio SE-C3500

Casio SE-C3500 / SEC3500

This model is no longer available

The Casio SE-C3500 has been superseded by the Casio SR-C4500. The SR-C4500 retains some of the more useful features of the SE-C3500, including the dual station thermal printers, the 72 button flat keybaord, the SD card back up and the full size metal cash base, but is enhanced by several significant upgrades included extended scanning line memory, improved customer and operator displays, and Bluetooh connectivity with the Casio ECR+ Smartphone app. For full information you can view the: Casio SR-C4500 here.

Replacement model Casio SR-C4500 has:

  • 72 Product Buttons
  • 2 thermal printers
  • Full Size Metal Cash Drawer
  • 400mm W x 450mm D x 220mm H
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  • ▼ Upgrades & Options Below ▼
    1. Casio SE-C3500 Till Rolls 1 Box - 20 Rolls

    2. Casio SE-C3500 Till Rolls Special Offer - 60 Rolls

    3. Casio SE-C3500 Viper Barcode Scanner

    4. Casio SE-C3500 Hornet Barcode Scanner

    5. Casio SE-C3500 Left Hand Side Wetcover

    6. Casio SE-C3500 Bronze+ Upgrade

    7. Casio SE-C3500 3 Year Warranty

    8. Casio SE-C3500 SD Data Card

    9. Casio SE-C3500 Extra Cash Drawer Insert

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