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Cash Registers Under £500

Sam4S ER-940 Cash Register

Sam4S ER-940 Cash Register

Sam4s ER-940 ideal for pubs, bars, night clubs, social clubs, take aways, cafes, delis and more.

The Sam4S ER-940 is our favourite 'non-touch screen' cash register for hospitality. The ER-940 features a flat keyboard with 110 presets, multi line display & memory slot allowing for sales to be exported to a PC.


Fast, silent thermal double-roll receipt printer
Receipt header can be set with your shop name / details
Receipt can be switched off & set to be issued on request only
Cash register can be set up to enable copy or duplicate receipt
ER-940 has 110 button flat keys for fast entry of popular products
Function keyboard can be customised to suit your requirements
Cashiter interrupt & table management
Barcode scanner capacity & 10,000 scanning line product memory
Detailed sales report and periodic report functions
SD card slot allows for program & sales data to be backed up
Large cash drawer (8 coin & 4 note sections)
Secure key lock ensures manager control
Discount/Surcharge Button, Refund Mode, Single Item Sale
Rear pop-up 2 line LCD display (alpha-numeric - customer can see price & description)
Two line operator display - Easy to read blue back light 2 line 16 character LCD
Dallas key option
View previous sales on screen
Dimmensions 400mm W x 450mm D x 350mm H

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