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Cash Registers Under £300

Casio SE-C3500 Cash Register

Casio SE-C3500 Cash Register

Casio SE-C3500 ideal for pubs, bars, night clubs, social clubs, take aways, cafes, delis and more.

Casio SE-C3500 is a twin roll, split keyboard scanning cash register with 72 'one-touch' product buttons


Fast, silent thermal double-roll receipt printer
Receipt header can be set with your shop name / details
Receipt can be switched off & set to be issued on request only
Cash register can be set up to enable copy or duplicate receipt
Audit roll print condensed copy of each transaction for complete transparency
SE-C3500 has 72 button flat keys for fast entry of popular products
Barcode scanner capacity & 3,000 scanning line product memory
Detailed sales report and periodic report functions
SD card slot allows for program & sales data to be backed up
Large cash drawer (8 coin & 4 note sections)
Secure key lock ensures manager control
Discount/Surcharge Button, Refund Mode, Single Item Sale
Rear pop-up 2 line LCD display (alpha-numeric - customer can see price & description)
Large tilting multi line LCD operator display - really great feature that sets the SE-C3500 apart from cheaper cash registers, as the display allows operator to scroll down & edit sale if mistake made
Dimmensions 400mm W x 450mm D x 220mm H

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