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CT Coin 309s Pelican Coin Sorter

CT Coin 309s Pelican Coin Sorter

The CT Coin Pelican 309 is a feature packed coin counting and sorting machine for busy retail environments

The New CTCoin 309s is a highly accurate and efficient coin counter and sorter for all 8 UK coins.

Designed and engineered for up to 20 years service , the CTCoin 309S is manufactured with reliability in mind. Simple to clean and maintain with an easily accesible mechanism via the opening front panel.

The CTCoin 309s operates at up to 1000 coins per minute and counts, sorts and batches coins ready for banking into the 8 large capacity drawers.

A full LCD display shows a complete breakdown of the count with each coin type , number and value listed along with a grand total.

Automatically rejects foreign coins and can be easily recalibrated for new coin issues.

A printer option is available and operator ID's can be entered to produce a full audit trail if required.

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Price: 2,475.00 (Ex VAT at 20%)

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