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CAS ER Plus Retail Scales

CAS ER Plus Retail Scales

CAS ER-Plus RETAIL Scale is our best selling set of retail scales. Ideal for any retailer, but particuarly suitable for for sweet shops, delicatessens, butchers and market / farm shop traders.

Programmable for your product prices (no need to remember prices)
Upto 199 prices can be stored
Stainless Steel Platter standard - optional sweet/veg scoop
15Kg Capacity (15Kg x 5g) or 6kg (6kg x 2g)
100gm price base
Bright Blue Backlight (Standard)
Upto 8 hours battery use
Internal battery included
Dimensions: Height: 106mm Depth: 360mm Width: 360mm.
Weight: 4.5Kg

Supplied ready to use out the box fully stamped and calibrated.

Scale Capacity / Scoop Options

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