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Brandt 8672

Brandt 8672

The Brandt 8672 is a robust, simple and accurate bank note counter. This has been heavily used where large volumes of poor quality bank notes need to be counted. In the UK it has been used as a heavy duty bank note counter and due to its size and ability to count many other media. Counting at up to 1,750 notes a minute Election ballot papers, prescriptions, vouchers and gift certificates.


Heavy duty, will process notes all day long, every day
Will process large volumes of poor quality notes
Customer set batch count facility
Add feature allowing for consecutive cumulative counts
Counts 1,750 notes per min
Counts all Polymer bank notes
Can be used to count vouchers, ballot papers
No detection on base model

The 8672 can be customised with a range of options depending on your requirements and the currency being counted. Please call to discuss your requirements.

Price: 2,999.95 (Ex VAT at 20%)

8672 Series Brochure Download

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