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Sam4S ER-230M

Sam4S ER-230M

Sam4S ER-230M

The Sam4S ER-230M is no longer available, Click here to see the replacement model.

Sam4s ER-230EJ the portable cash register which is battery or mains powered.

Sam4S ER-230EJ portable cash register is ideal where space is limited or no mains power is provided. Sam4S ER-230EJ is ideal for outdoors events and mobile catering vehicles.


Battery or mains operation
Long battery life
Multi-line alpha-numeric customer display
Thermal printer with programmable header message & graphic logo
12 sales departments with programmable text
6000 PLU's with programmable text
Optional cash drawer - small drawer (3 note/4 coin) larger drawer (4 note/8 coin)
Compatible with Sam4S Expresso program/report software

Sam4S ER-230 Brochure Download | Sam4S ER-230 Manual Download | Sam4S ER-230 Set Up Sheet

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