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CP200 Note Counter

CP200 Note Counter

Premium value balancing bank note counter with high level counterfeit identification on BoE & Euro bank notes.


Count modes -

Mix Mode - detecting and value counting of mixed banknotes
Single Mode - detecting, piece and value counting of a single denomination; all the notes must have the same length and and height as the first note counted
Piece Mode - only piece counting, no detection of security features

7 fold note detection systems including -

UV note identification
MG note identification
IR note identification
ST note identification
EuroMag© note identification
3D note identification
Color note identification
3 speed settings (up to 1500 note per minute)
Auto or manual start
Customer set batch count facility
Add feature for allowing for consecutive cumulative counts
Counts all Polymer bank notes

Price: 1,295.00 (Ex VAT at 20%)

Cash Pro 200 Note Counter Brochure Download

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